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Our Churches

Please click here to learn about our Tricentenary Appeal to raise funds so that our 18th century church of St Helen can meet the 21st century needs of our parishioners. We are also seeking funds to complete the refurbishment of St Peter's Undercroft to provide a much needed community facility in the centre of Seaview.
Photograph of St Helen's Church

St Helen's Church

This church 'on the hill' has been here since 1717. It replaced the 'old church' down on St Helens Duver which was washed away by storms after the river changed course and land was claimed by the sea. The bricked up tower remains and has been used as a sea mark for centuries. Mostly rebuilt in the 1800s, the building still retains some interesting old gravestones set into the floor, some fascinating memorials and hatchments and the George I coat of arms. At the far end of the extensive churchyard there is a grass path Labyrinth watched over by a solitary oak tree - a wonderful aid to prayer, reflection, or just 'slowing down'.

Photograph of St Peter's Church

St Peter's Church

Originally part of the parish of St Helens work began on constructing St Peter's in 1859 and it became the parish church for Seaview in 1907. Much extended over the years the church now seats in excess of 200 with a side aisle and lady chapel built as a memorial to the men from Seaview who lost their lives in the First World War. The wide chancel arch is fitted with an attractive wrought iron screen.

Photograph of St Helens Community Centre and St Catherine's Chapel

St Catherine's Chapel

A small chapel attached to St Helens Community Centre, built in 1992 to replace the by then dangerously dilapidated Mission Church and Institute Hall. Currently used for midweek services, once a month for a Sunday evening service and for special services around Christmas and Easter. A delightful, simple octagonally shaped room retaining some furnishings from the Mission Church. Available to be used for quiet prayer throughout daylight hours.

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